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Keynote Speakers / 基調講演

Peter MacMillan 

Peter MacMillan

Peter MacMillan is a prize-winning translator, scholar, poet, and artist. He was born and grew up in a part of the Irish countryside surrounded by more horses than people. He graduated first in his class from the National University of Ireland, University College Dublin, and then went on to earn an M.A. in philosophy and a Ph.D. in English literature. He spent two years as a Visiting Fellow at Princeton, Columbia, and Oxford Universities.

A citizen of both Ireland and Britain, he has lived in Japan for over twenty years and strives to be a bridge between Japan and the world. His artist name is Seisai.

In addition to creating prints, Dr. MacMillan is also a poet and translator. His translation, One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each (Hyakunin Isshu), was published in 2008, winning prizes in both Japan and the United States. He recently completed an English translation of The Tales of Ise (Ise Monogatari), which was published by Penguin in 2016. He has also published a collection of poetry entitled Admiring Fields.

MacMillan is a member of Pen America and the Japanese Pen Club and is a representative of the board of directors at the Japan Cultural Institute. He is also President of The Moon is a Boat Co., Ltd.


  • Recipient of the Donald Keene Center Special Prize for the Translation of Japanese Literature
  • Recipient of the 44th Special Cultural Translation Prize from the Japan Society of Translators
  • Nominated for the PEN Award for Poetry Translation for the English translation of The Tale of Ise (Ise no Monogatari)



ピーター・マクミランは、翻訳家として受賞歴があり、学者、詩人、芸術家でもあります。彼はアイルランドの片田舎で、人よりも馬のほうが多い環境で生まれ育ちました。アイルランド国立ダブリン大学を首席で卒業し、その後、英文学で哲学の修士号と博士号を取得しました。プリンストン大学、コロンビア大学、オックスフォード大学の客員研究員として2 年間勤めました。


マクミランは版画も制作し、詩人、翻訳家でもあります。彼の翻訳『百人一首』は 2008 年に出版され、日本と米国で受賞しました。『伊勢物語』の英訳が、2016年にペンギン社から出版されたました。また、『Admiring Fields』というタイトルの詩集も出版されています。

マクミランはペン・アメリカと日本ペンクラブの会員で、日本文化研究所の理事会の代表を務めています。株式会社The Moon is a Boatの代表取締役社長でもあります。


  • ドナルド・キーン・センター日本文学翻訳特別賞受賞
  • 日本翻訳者協会 第44回文化翻訳特別賞受賞
  • 『伊勢物語』の英訳がペン文学賞翻訳詩賞にノミネート

Ms. Satomi Yoda: “History of Echizen Washi”

Curator, Traditional Crafts Promotion Division, Industry and Tourism Department, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture

Ms. Yoda is engaged in exhibitions and promotional activities at the Paper Culture Museum. She is responsible for promotion of traditional industries of Echizen, such as washi, cutlery, chest of drawers. As a curator, Yoda has been involved in the preservation and inheritance of traditional crafts and cultural properties, and their exhibition.

There are three traditional crafts in Echizen City. Ms. Yoda will introduce one of them, Echizen Washi, its production area and history.

用田 聖実(ようだ さとみ)

所属:福井県越前市 産業観光部 伝統工芸振興課