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Product Showcase / 展示販売会

Carving Tools / 彫刻刀


Michihamono is a carving-knife manufacturer with a long history, located in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, known as the home of blade-making in Japan. Originally a subcontracted manufacturer of sickles used for rice harvesting and weeding, we transformed ourselves into a maker of carving knives to keep up with the times.

We offer a wide range of carving knives for everything from professional use to those appropriate for schoolchildren. We make carving knives and other hand tools for a wide variety of tasks, from the carving of Buddhist statues and masks used in Noh drama to Kamakura lacquerware, woodblock printing, seal-engraving, and eraser-stamps.


道刃物工業株式会社は、日本の刃物の本場として知られる兵庫県三木市にある、長い歴史を持つ彫刻刀メーカーです。 元々は稲刈りや草取り用の鎌の下請けメーカーでしたが、時代の変化に合わせて彫刻刀メーカーへ転身しました。

プロ用から小学生向けまで幅広い彫刻刀を取り揃えております。 仏像や能面の彫刻から、鎌倉漆器、木版画、篆刻、消しゴムはんこまで、幅広い用途の彫刻刀などの手道具を作っています。

Washi Shop / 和紙の専門店

Ozu Washi

We carry everything from high-grade handmade paper and other types of handmade paper products for daily use, and fine products used by discerning artists from all over the entire country.

We deal in a variety of paper for Shodo (Calligraphy), Nihon-ga (Japanese style painting), Suiboku-ga(Sumi art), Buddhist painting, block print, paper art, pressed flowers, etc.

We also deal in paper for cultural properties restoration, backing paper and mounting paper. In addition to these products, we take requests for picture framing and hanging scroll framing.







Echizen Paper Makers / 越前和紙メーカー

We are grateful to each of the paper makers listed below for their participation in the production of the Washi Sample Book for Mokuhanga that will be available during the conference.

The Echizen Washi Association website introduces the history of Echizen Washi and the characteristics of each paper maker.



Igarashi Seishi Co, Ltd
Osada Washi Co, Ltd
Iwano Ichibei & Iwano Junichi

Ryozo Paper Mill
Yamada Keitei Co, Ltd