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Juried Exhibition – All Prints (140) 公募展全入選作品

Inheritance & Innovation: Mokuhanga & Washi
2024 Juried International Mokuhanga Exhibition
Imadate Art Center, Echizen City, Japan

Exhibition Dates: April 4 to 7, 2024 

Note: below these thumbails you’ll find an entry for each artist including email addres and often a link to their website.

木版画と和紙 ー継承と革新


展示会の日程: 2024 年 4 月 4 ~ 7 日

注: サムネイルの下には、電子メール アドレスや Web サイトへのリンクを含む各アーティストの情報が表示されます。

Ariadna Abadal Lloret (Spain) Autumn forest (42.5 x 41.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Mokuhanga print. It is printed on washi paper (Kawashi) and silk. The papers are stitched together..

Andrea G Artz (England) Rise of the Tidal Island Queens (26.0 x 21.0 cm)

Japanese Waterbased woodcut on Hosho Select, Awagami – The print is inspired and translates my digital imagery from the 360 video “Rise of the the Tidal Island Queens”, into a traditional analogue technique such as Japanese Woodcut/ Mokuhanga.

Poonam Athalye (England) And She Giggled (40.5 x 25.0 cm)

Mokuhanga Print – Mokuhanga Print on Pansion Washi Roll.

Cameron Bailey (USA) The Wave (33.0 x 48.3 cm)

Reduction Mokuhanga on Kizuki washi – Reduction Mokuhanga on Kizuki washi – Made from two woodblocks with 8 color layers.

Katie Baldwin (USA) Emergency Meeting Place (48.3 x 55.9 cm)


Jana Bareham (England) Sunrise over Telendos (23.0 x 31.0 cm)

Woodblock print, washi paper, watercolour, embossing – Sunrise over Telendos, small island in the Mediterranean Sea as viewed from the neighbouring Kalymnos. The morning sun slowly washes over the tip of the mountain peak, creating meditative moment.

Linda Beeman (USA) Plum Blossom (30.5 x 43.2 cm)

Mokuhanga – A budding plum blossom branch reflected in a stone bowl.

Marina Borodina (Russia) The imaginary summer day. (10.0 x 15.0 cm)

Ozu Washi Pansion K-155? Gouashe and watercolor Holbein – mokuhanga/ waterbased woodblock print.

Laura Bortoloni (Italy) Mute map 02 (36.0 x 28.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Mute Map 02 belongs to a series of imaginary maps, drawing inspiration from the history of Japanese cartography and incorporating and layering a series of graphic elements with shapes and textures taken from contemporary reality.The maps are “mute” – without names or words. A way to get los.

Martha Braun (USA) Time Passes Slowly in the Desert (19.5 x 38.0 cm)

Sosaku hanga monoprint; Echizen and machine-made washi – Colors used in print are natural earth and mineral pigments. Three panels joined by chine collé.

Sarah Brayer (Japan) Winter Moon (55.0 x 34.0 cm)

Woodblock monotype – .

Kay Brown (England) Twilight Hamstead Quay (21.0 x 28.2 cm)

Mokuhanga – This print was created with four blocks, four colours, sumi ink, nori and 20 passes of pigment. On a windless evening Hamstead Quay is a beautiful and magical place, with only the sound of the oyster catchers and Brent geese for company, and the slumbering backdrop of the Downs beyond..

Neilton Clarke (Australia) Sugi Boogie Memo (38.0 x 55.0 cm)

Woodblock print – Woodblock print & collage on Yokono Mitsumata natural paper.

Eric Conrad (USA) Sample 2 (21.0 x 29.5 cm)

Mokuhanga (gouache on washi).

Mara Cozzolino (Italy) Indigo Streaks #1 (19.0 x 26.0 cm)


Amanda Danford (USA) New Beginnings (35.6 x 27.9 cm)

Mokuhanga woodcut with layer of oil based ink – Print of a pair of shoes. The first 4 layers are done in a mokuhanga technique to produce a matte finish. The final layer is done in a western technique with oil inks for the shiny highlight. Awagami Bamboo Select 170gsm paper.

Judith Elisabeth de Haan (Norway) The girls (25.0 x 45.0 cm)

Mokuhanga on Awagami kozo thick white paper –

Eric Dean (USA) Washi 250x (9.0 x 15.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Washi fibers magnified 250 times.

Anne DeMaria (USA) Heritage of Plants (48.3 x 33.0 cm)

Mokuhanga woodcut print – Three generations and of botanical figures. Art Deco rose, Japanese peony, and Lady’s Mantle botanical illustration carved in cherry. Mokuhanga print with Sumi on pink iron oxide dyed mitsumata gold leaf backing paper, two deckle edges, gold Sumi accents.

Bob Danhieux Douglas (USA) Untitled (15.2 x 15.2 cm)

Mokuhanga – .

Dianne Drayse-Alonso (USA) Mary at The Rock (26.7 x 31.7 cm)

Mokuhanga print – This is a 5-color Japanese woodblock print on man-made washi paper.

Jaya Duvvuri (USA) Kawaguchiko Love (114.3 x 73.7 cm)

Mokuhanga print, watercolor and gouache on Pansion paper.

Inga Eicaite (England) FF_01 (63.5 x 114.3 cm)

Mokuhanga – Mokuhanga print on hanji paper.

Soetkin Everaert (Belgium) Donnax Vittatus/36-2 (24.5 x 35.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Unique Mokuhanga print on Awagami Bamboo Select.

Jolanta Ewart (Australia) Winding Roads and Dead Trees (55.0 x 37.0 cm)


Andy Farkas (USA) Watching over (25.4 x 40.6 cm)

Mokuhanga print with original handset letterpress text – .

Elizabeth Forrest (USA) Retrospection (40.0 x 44.0 cm)

Mokuhanga and stencil on uchiyama 100 kozo paper – This is part of a series of prints using laser-cut woodblocks originating in original drawings on mylar, to represent digital “screens”. Stencils laid on the wet pigment blocked out second and third printings, creating ghostly images. They were completed with overlaid stencils and dry brush gouache.

Eriko Fujita (Japan) Eternal recurrence (26.8 x 17.9 cm)

Mokuhanga (Water-based woodcut) – Image size: 26.8 x 17.9 cm, Paper size: 31 x 22.7 cm.

Jason Fujiwara (Japan) Frozen Hossawa Falls (34.5 x 26.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – A hike to Hossawa waterfalls, in winter.

Jane Fulton Suri (USA) In From The Wild (flipbook) (0.0 x 0.0 cm)

VIDEO – A flip book. hand-made yotsume-toji, mokuhanga prints and mizu-kiri chine-collé. – A flip book depicting the motion of a wild coyote. It is a hand-made yotsume-toji of traditional mokuhanga prints and mizu-kiri chine-collé. Prints on kozo-shi washi; covers crumpled kozo washi. Entire book is proposed as the exhibit; and this video may be used also.

Paul Furneaux (Scotland) Sumi Bleed :Rain (55.0 x 44.0 cm)

Mokuhanga water based Japanese woodcut print – this is a water based woodcut print .I printed the black sumi ink first to enable it to “bleed” on the paper .I then sized the print to toughen up the paper and continued to print the rest of the print.I have used a varnish resist technique to partly repel the watercolour in some areas of the print.

Tomomi Furukawa (Japan) Sasa Leaves (48.5 x 33.0 cm)

Water color – I joined group show 2022 at Nishiaizu international art village. My work was seasonal event reproduction with local person. We made basket and basket decoration (flower and bug). I got request from local person, and I made Sasa leaves for basket. My work was able to become a local document.

Matthew Garcia (USA) Spacescape 01 (25.4 x 50.8 cm)

Mokuhanga – on bright white pansion. Edition of 25. This is a 10 layer print made from 6 woodblocks. Paper size: 20x10in (≈50x25cm) Image size: 18x8in (≈45x20cm).

Anne Goesel (Japan) Soft Currents (30.0 x 25.5 cm)

Water based wood-block print – 4 layer water-based woodblock print on Japanese paper.

Paola González & Javier Santander (Chile) Araucarias (54.0 x 40.0 cm)

Mokuhanga, 6 matrixes, 12 colours.

Jacqueline Gribbin (Australia) “~to winter~first snow” (32.0 x 55.0 cm)

Water-based woodblock print – The term ‘to winter’ means to spend the season in a place with nicer weather but to the artist it also means ‘to go’ to the season of winter. Travelling between Australia and Scotland, the seasons become blurred and muddled, and then, the transition into the stillness of winter’s snowscape.

Pat Griffin (Ireland) What matters were afoot among the Sidhe (29.0 x 21.0 cm)

Mokuhanga print.

Marcia Guetschow (USA) Awaken (17.8 x 12.7 cm)

Mokuhanga – This Japanese woodblock print was created using 8 woodblocks, 8 colors and 15 impressions. I created this print in honor of my mother who loved all wildflowers, especially trillium.

Michiko Hamada (Japan) Until it Disappears (消えるまで) (41.0 x 47.0 cm)

Ink, transparent watercolor, gouache, and Echizen handmade paper – I create woodblock prints of the people around me while remembering their memories and relationships. The speed and speed of the carving and printing are sometimes influenced by interactions with the model and memories, and I enjoy watching the changes that occur in my work unconsciously.
墨、透明水彩絵の具、ガッシュ、越前手漉き – 身の回りの人々を、記憶や関係性を思い出しながら木版画作品にしています。彫りのや摺りの緩急が、モデルの人物とのやり取りや思い出により左右される場合があり、無意識に作品に変化が起きるのを楽しんでいます。

Kathleen Hargrave (USA) Resilience4 (35.6 x 27.9 cm)

Mokuhanga – Multiple plate Mokuhanga print.

Colin Harvey (England) birch and wind scoop (18.0 x 13.0 cm)

Woodblock – Mokuhanga.Schmike horodam on Awagami shiramine select.

Susannah Hera (USA) Abstract Study #1 (23.3 x 16.3 cm)

Watercolor woodcut (mokuhanga) – 12 layer color watercolor woodcut utilizing atenashi-bokashi, ichimonji-bokashi, mokume-zuri, gomazuri, and inclusion of mica powder.

Yvonne Hering (Australia) Dizzy with joy (30.0 x 21.0 cm)

Woodblock – Multicoloured woodblock print on kozo paper. Techniques include double printing, gomasuri, ita bokashi and bokashi. Pattern taken from memories of a happy place and glorious Autumn in Japan..

Henrik Hey (Netherlands) Close-up (54.0 x 42.0 cm)

Mokuhanga, Cozo paper, colour pigment.

Daryl Howard (USA) …at dawn’s first light… at evening’s final glow… I&II (25.4 x 109.2 cm)

Japanese Woodblock Print.

Patty Hudak (USA) Kites and Darts: 9 (40.6 x 30.5 cm)

Sumi and aluminum on kozo paper – Statement: Kites and Darts combines historical mokuhanga techniques with modernist aesthetics through the interplay of two contrasting yet interconnected elements. Printed in sumi ink, these forms are opposing parts of the same rhombus form which I cut apart into the two elements.

Raluca Iancu (Belgium) Overpasses (part 1 – 6) (46.0 x 32.0 cm)


Vladimir Ivaneanu Soetkin Everaert (Belgium) Mermaid (29.5 x 20.3 cm)


Ken Januski (USA) Brant and Black-bellied Plover on Nummy Island (15.2 x 20.3 cm)

Mokukanga – Based on some Brant and Black-bellied Plover that I saw on Nummy Island in May, 2022. Carved and printed in traditional method of moku hanga. In it I incorporate my love of birds with a love of abstraction. Printed by hand on Torinoko Japanese printmaking paper in an edition of 20.

Mariko Jesse (USA) le petiti jardin (9.5 x 16.0 cm)

Mokuhanga construction including enclosure – a/p 1, from edition of 8.

Caroline Kaiser (Luxembourg) Stages of Life (22.0 x 26.0 cm)

Mokuhanga, water-based pigments on Torinoko washi paper – The design has been inspired both by the architecture of a building close to my home in Kyoto and the poem ‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse.

Ritva Kangas (Finland) Hämärä ( Twiligth) (39.5 x 26.0 cm)

Mokuhanga print – printed on washi Azusa.

Ann Kavanagh (Ireland) Dividing lines (46.0 x 38.0 cm)

Mokuhanga woodblock – Dividing line is a mokuhanga woodblock print, in response to the work of Esher.

Sayaka Kawamura (Japan) Shinshin (しんしん) (45.5 x 36.0 cm)

Tosa Washi, Pigment ,foil stamping.

Roslyn Kean (Australia) Midari-Disorder (22.0 x 41.5 cm)

Mokuhanga- Traditional Japanese printing – hang printed with a baren traditional Japanese technique Mokuhanga on hand made Kozo paper.

Irena Keckes (Guam) Ocean currents #1 (55.0 x 31.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – Woodblock print, abstract art.

Aya Kikkawa (England) Wind and Sea (71.0 x 59.5 cm)

Laser cut woodcut print and inkjet print on Kozuke paper – I work with multiple mediums such as photography and printmaking to create a unique blend of modern and traditional techniques that highlight the materiality of my work.

Aiu Kitayama Yamazaki (Japan) Stairs of the Auditorium (45.0 x 30.0 cm)

Wood block print.

Keiko Kobayashi (Japan) Möbius 2-2 (Repeat) (29.0 x 23.0 cm)

Woodcut; watercolor, oli paint, mitsumata paper (Echizen) – This is one of the works from my psychological series “Möbius”. Used techniques are water-oil based woodblock print for the motif and stencil print on wood for the baclground. I started using mitsumata 100 paper from Echizen last year, and used it for this work, too.

Toby Kobayashi (Japan) Furecon bag2 (40.0 x 55.0 cm)

Japanese woodblock print with Sumi ink.

Yuta Konno (Japan) Kagurazaka Yoshimoto (42.6 x 29.0 cm)

Water based woodblock printed on Panshion.

Barbara Kowalik (Poland) White on black, 3 (40.0 x 15.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – One piece of the series of 5 pictures. Created in mokuhanga technique on washi paper-Okawara. Fully handmade. Printed from the wooden blocks with sumie ink.

Elspeth Lamb (Scotland) Food Chain (Lost words series) (34.0 x 49.0 cm)

Mokuhanga/ silkscreen on kozo,rush,bracken paper/watermarked.

Glynis Lee (Australia) Involution I (23.5 x 26.5 cm)

Artist book: Mokuhanga and mixed media on kozo/silk paper – Composed of several folding boxes traditionally used to store memorabilia and unfinished work, this artist book has fragments of calligraphic brushstrokes, partial images and unfinished conversations enclosed within the folds. Involution I explores unfolding narratives on environmental concerns.

Jon Lee (USA) nb2201 (43.2 x 30.5 cm)


Sara Lee (England) Delineate (27.0 x 45.0 cm)


Suchi Lin (Taiwan) Inner Room (30.0 x 22.0 cm)

Watercolors, woodcut, paper – Since 2020, I began to recall and record the important others and places in my life by picking up this water-based art media. The simple materiality and warm texture of Mokuhanga satisfy my search for finding connections to my own life experiences and cultural environment.

Mike Lyon (USA) Madz (39.4 x 27.9 cm)

Mokuhanga from 4 blocks on Iwano washi – Portrait of the artist Madeline Cass. Mokuhanga from four cherry blocks on Iwano Ichibei kozo washi.

Kate MacDonagh (Ireland) Green Shade Blue (30.0 x 28.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – .

Jacek Machowski (Poland) Forbidden (29.0 x 49.0 cm)

Mokuhanga, Chine collé – The inspiration to create this work were stickers in urban space (a kind of street art) and an older form of street art, which was sticking senjafuda on temples by pilgrims. I decided to combine these worlds. I did all the work in the mokuhanga technique with karazuri and Chine collé.

Jennifer Mack (USA) Just A Small Trim….Really (29.2 x 26.7 cm)

Mokuhanga, Mixed Media.

Wingmei Mak (USA) Brave Nicholas (20.3 x 15.9 cm)

Woodblock Print – It’s hard to ignore the prosthetic leg in this print design. Nicholas is a brave hero who has been fighting for cancer when he was just a teenager. His life could have hit the bottom but he did not, still making great contribution to the society and inspire everyone’s life. He is beautiful.

Alex Mankiewicz (Japan) yokai 2 (23.0 x 16.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – woodblock print – sumi ink on washi ppaer.

Nichol Markowitz (USA) The Place Between Thought and Feeling (41.3 x 30.5 cm)

Mokuhanga woodblock print on Gampi Sukiawase paper – .

Mária Mátyás (Germany) Morning at Kawaguchiko (40.0 x 18.0 cm)


Karen Helga Maurstig (Norway) Suiseki, stone appreciation III (30.0 x 21.5 cm)

Waterbased mokuhanga – Japanese mokuhanga, waterbased woodblock printing technique. Special technique: Mokume-zuri to explore stone texture. Paper: Kozoshi white. Color: waterbased Holbein artists’ pigments.

Terry McKenna (Japan) A Tale From Long Ago (55.0 x 44.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – Carved carefully to re-create the original sumi-e, the work is printed on Udatsu kozo, which is unsized to preserve the natural softness and beauty of the washi. The four deckle edges are also preserved.

Deborah Metz (Australia) Fan Shaped Sea Sponge with Broken Linear Rockface Pattern (41.0 x 54.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Lifelong inspiration from the marine environment.

Kate Milford (USA) Anxiety 2 (It surrounds) (26.0 x 20.3 cm)

Watercolor, Awagami Editioning Fine Art Paper-Okawara Select – Part of a six-print series exploring visualizations of anxiety and depression, ‘It surrounds’ was printed with layered watercolor pigments on Awagami Okawara Select paper, using baltic birch and shina plywood.

Ed Miliano (Ireland) Summer (100.0 x 50.0 cm)

Mokuhanga with Collage – This is a collaboration with Kate MacDonagh.

Sarah Ann Mitchell (England) Mega Slide (23.6 x 33.8 cm)

Mokuhanga on Hosho – Mega Slide was an experiment in using colour blends. I was exploring the use of bokashi in a playful context, and finding a satisfying way to achieve harmony and balance.

Ninomiya Miyuki (Japan) Distance between stars (34.0 x 25.0 cm)

Woodblock print, water color, Washi paper – I like to create ‘space’ or ‘moments’ from my experience which still feel as real as ever even though they are long gone. Some fleeting, some lasting forever.

Tuula Moilanen (Finland) Sleeping at the Seashore, from Sealion series (24.0 x 33.0 cm)

Watercolor woodblock print – Printed on self made kozo-paper (recycled Echizen washi).

Muntsa Molina (Germany) The Edge of the World (30.0 x 18.0 cm)


Kaoru Morita (森田) (Japan) From the bottom of the lake (37.0 x 33.0 cm)


Minako Murata (Japan) a scenery (19.0 x 42.0 cm)

Water-based woodblock print – Paper: Kihada Light.

Julie Murphy (Ireland) Speed 1 (26.0 x 30.0 cm)

Mokuhanga on pansion washi – .

Yuzuru Muto (Japan) Field into sky i (46.3 x 31.0 cm)

kurotani washi.

Yoonmi Nam (USA) Stay-at-Home (19.0 x 25.4 cm)


Florence Neal (USA) London Plane – Tree (40.3 x 40.3 cm)

Mokuhanga on Yamaguchi washi – Wood to Water Series: “London Plane – Tree” in Pioneer Park, Walla Walla, WA / Mokuhanga Project Space residency, 2023.

Natasha Norman (South Africa) What Joy to Come Falling (55.0 x 44.0 cm)

Mokuhanga Woodblock Print – 3 carved woodblocks | 8 print passes | 5 colour pigments | Printed on Echizen Hanga Hankusa Beige | Edition of 4.

Mia O (Japan) Blue Diamonds (45.8 x 31.4 cm)

Mokuhanga-Japanese water-based Printmaking, On Washi – My inspiration is from nature expressing its energy and phenomenon. My favorite part of Mokuhanga is that I can repeat the same image unlike in painting or drawing. I like to play with images to discover other unexpected images. I layer a thin washi with same images to illusionary effect of moiré.

Walt Padgett (USA) Tokaido Vicinity: Toyokawa (28.6 x 45.7 cm)

Woodblock print on handmade Echizen Kozo paper (washi) – Located a few kilometers off the historic Tokaido–now basically National Highway 1–the City of Toyokawa was heavily bombed during WW2 for its’ munitions factories. This Temple, controlled by the local Yakuza (Japanese mafia) has an obvious solemness associated with it, but is a haven for pigeons.

Nel Pak (Netherlands) Engelen (Angels) (44.0 x 55.0 cm)

Watercolor woodblock print from 6 blocks in an edition of 10. It is the second print in a series about angels. Small history about the paper: I used a vintage (1975) ‘hosho’ paper of about 80 g I bought from the remaining stock of Rotterdam based artist Toon Wegner (1926-2010). He imported Japanese paper in bulk for a group of artists working in various kinds of printmaking art. He bought sheets of 788 x 546 mm Hosho, numbered 8870, most probably at trade company ‘Furuta & Co’, Kobe. He bought other types of paper there as well. I seized the paper and experienced it as a paper absorbing paint very well, and responsive to details of the carving.

Karen Pittman (USA) Forest Rays (26.3 x 20.6 cm)

Handmade woodblock print on 100 mulberry paper – Hand-carved, hand-printed water-based woodblock print on 100 mulberry (kozo) Japanese paper. Paper type: Shin Hosho.

Marilla Price (Australia) Bush Beauty (124.5 x 101.6 cm)

Traditional Japanese Mokuhanga print using ground Japanese pigments.

Dominique Rodride (France) Dress (17.5 x 29.5 cm)

Woodblock print – Japanese woodblock print, entirely carved and printed by hand, according to the traditional method of Mokuhanga. Printed on 80g Hosho handmade washi.

David Roon (USA) Ghost of the Little Colorado (26.7 x 34.3 cm)

Mokuhanga on Kozuke White 44g – The Colorado River Pikeminnow is an endangered species- now extinct throughout North America’s Grand Canyon. I recently oared a raft through the Grand Canyon, and got to visit the Little Colorado River, sacred to the Navajo people. This print is a response to that experience.

Pat Rougeau (USA) Forest Dreaming Diptych (35.6 x 49.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Paper: Echizen kozo from McClain’s.

Susan Rushforth (Australia) Moon Rising V11 (35.6 x 53.3 cm)

Woodblock print using water based pigments on handmade kozo – The passing phases of the moon have been an ongoing inspiration to me. The transient qualities of nature are expressed through the changing form and luminosity of the moon which has consequences on the environment, such as the ebb and flow of the tides and the nature of water and interconnectedness.

Sybille Schlumbom (New Zealand) Dystopia is growing on me (53.0 x 32.0 cm)

Mokuhanga print w. Daniel Smith water and Holbein Gouache.

Lucy Schofield (England) September Song (24.0 x 14.5 cm)

Mokuhanga on handmade washi – Fourteen passes, in an edition of 11.

Melissa Schulenberg (USA) nest (19.5 x 29.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – multiblock mokuhanga print with stencil. Printed entirely with sumi ink.

Benjamin Selby (USA) Disappearing (30.5 x 22.9 cm)

Mokuhanga with Fudezaishiki (hand colored with brush).

Lynita Shimizu (USA) Route 2, North Dakota (22.9 x 35.6 cm)

Mokuhanga – Paper: Yamaki Hosho.

Julianne Smart (Australia) Pause (63.0 x 39.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Am in last week mi lab and printing this now. This is still test print.The work may be adapted in terms of colour. Final work would be for sale.

Charles Spitzack (USA) expanded egg #2 (53.3 x 25.4 cm)

Mokuhanga on handmade kizuki koza 43g.

Nancy Steele-Makasci (USA) Cut Off and Controlled (25.4 x 25.4 cm)

Mokuhanga print on mulberry paper.

Andrew Stone (Italy) One of the Many Thank You Notes I wrote, but never Sent (18.0 x 23.0 cm)

Mokuhanga – Open edition of a hand-written letter, on mixed Japanese and Western papers. This copy is on home-sized, machine-made, kozo paper.

Faith Stone (USA) Hiroki san (22.9 x 22.9 cm)

Mokuhanga (Relief printing), 2 blocks, 5 passes – This is a portrait of my Mokuhanga sensei, Hiroki Morinoue. I challenged myself to use 2 small blocks 6×6 inches and do a portrait. I used watercolor inks and printed with a bamboo baren. Mokuhanga is a Japanese, old-school, non-toxic and labor intense technique for Printmaking., fa

Elisabet Alsos Strand (Norway) Enlarged II (42.0 x 31.0 cm)

Woodblock print on handmade kozo dyed paper Yusuan Studio – Woodblock prints.

Julie Strasheim (China) Connected Reflections (42.0 x 23.0 cm)

Mokuhanga (Usu-Mino Washi) – This piece consists of two prints arranged so they are reflecting and communicating with each other. Two of the four blocks used are component parts for the ‘Connected Layers’ submission. This pair of prints is the bottom layer in ‘Connected Reflections Layered – Different Perspective’.

Nanae Sugimoto (Japan) Untitled 2022.02 (48.0 x 33.0 cm)

Wookblock print.

Kaori Suzuki (Australia) Harvest (23.0 x 27.0 cm)

Japanese woodblock print, Guoache, Water colour, Washi paper.

Yuko Suzuki & Maki Shimizu (Japan) Luigia (36.0 x 30.0 cm)

Waterbase woodblock print, pigment, mulberry paper.

Eriko Suzuki (鈴木英里子) (Japan) Strong and Supple (したたかに、しなやかに) (29.7 x 42.0 cm)

Woodblock print – I created this work to express the emotion I felt at the moment I met her.

Svetlana Swinimer (Canada) Goddess of Rain (20.0 x 29.0 cm)

Mokuhanga block printing.

Chihiro Taki (Japan) Reverberation (残響) (32.0 x 45.0 cm)

Water-based woodcut on Japanese paper.

Yuet Yean Teo (England) Celestial Wingbeats (18.2 x 26.2 cm)

Mokuhanga (Sumi ink on Pension Washi).

Landa Townsend (USA) Water Bubble and Dragonfly Wing (24.0 x 27.0 cm)

Watercolor, Graphite, Nori – Kozo Paper.

Kimmy Tseng (Taiwan) Migrant Bird 候鳥 (30.0 x 65.0 cm)

Water based woodblock print (水性木版画 )- This printing was inspired by the poems of Indian poet Famida Y. Bash: Migrant Bird – Every ferry represents every departure and return. This poem expresses the turbulent global situation in the past 3 years.

Yoshihiro Tsuji (Japan) Goldfish(金魚) (22.5 x 15.0 cm)

Water-based pigment on Japanese paper (和紙に水性顔料) – I made a print using water-based pigments on washi paper.

Asuka Tsutsumi (Japan) it is floating 01 (44.0 x 55.0 cm)

Mokuhanga(rubbing print), Urauchi – Materials: Japanese paper GANPI, Hemp net, pigment. Movie:

Nicholas Uglow (USA) Spell for Great Success (45.7 x 55.9 cm)

Mokuhanga on handmade Echizen washi. Sparklers create a beacon for the memories I’ve pushed away.

Deidre Vaill (Australia) Swing Bridge (28.0 x 22.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Swing bridge silhouette late afternoon. Reduction printing on 2 woodblocks.

Michiko Van de Velde (Belgium) 日 Sun 8:00 – 16:00 (29.0 x 23.0 cm)

Woodblock prints on Japanese paper – Twice a year, the sun rises in Brussels and sets in Tokyo at the same time : before and after the winter solstice. 日 means «daytime, sun» in Japanese. By playing with the two rectangles that compose this kanji, I wanted to link the skies of Brussels and Tokyo, both lit by the same sun.

Benoit Varaillon (France) Escale à Yokohama variation n°20 (37.0 x 25.5 cm)

Mokuhanga / Washi paper “nishinouchi” 60 gr and watercolor – The print is based on a cliché of an American boxer dated 1898. He appears to defy the lens with a plasticity similar of kabuki actors. The mythical tiger and dragon plays on the epidermis of this Westerner who would have been tattooed in Japan during the second half of the 19th century.

Klara Vith (Austria) Chichiyasu (チチヤス) (19.0 x 15.0 cm)


April Vollmer (USA) Flycatcher II (48.3 x 33.0 cm)

Mokuhanga on kozo transparent tissue from Ozu washi.

Carmen Wagenblast (Germany) Livia und Opa (42.5 x 27.5 cm)

Mokuhanga – Printed on pansion paper print no. 9 from edition of 11.

Sylvia Waltering (England) Dreaming of Elsewhere (45.0 x 30.0 cm)


Kay Watanabe (Australia) Light 2 (26.0 x 36.0 cm)

Mokuhanga woodblock print (water-based ink on Ogawa Shoin).

Margaret White (Australia) Sediment, Water, Moonlight (29.0 x 18.3 cm)

encaustic sumi stain, giclee, mokuhanga, gilding – Over sediment layered through deep time, an inlet flows from hills to ocean, intermittently lit by moonlight.

Carol Wilhide Justin (England) Under the Bridge (44.0 x 44.0 cm)

Japanese Woodcut – The blue line is the shadow of a bridge over the Thames in London, I like the way that sometimes you see the blue line and sometimes not. The mutability of water with its constant flow, captured in the slow process of woodcut. Mokuhanga print using sumi ink and watercolour on Okawara paper.

Josef Williamson (Japan) Poet 20230623 (22.0 x 15.0 cm)

Woodcut print on tosa-washi paper – A portrait of a poet reading live in Tokyo printed on tosa-washi handmade Japanese paper in water-based black ink.

Aleksander Wozniak (Poland) FigurineIII (44.0 x 31.0 cm)

Mokuhanga woodcut – Pigment and rice glue on high grade washi from Ogawa Washi. Papermaker: Hisako Uchimura.

Nobuko Yamasaki (USA) Nostalgia (55.9 x 45.7 cm)

Japanese Woodblock Print (Mokuhanga) – I started this print bright red tin goldfish that was gifted from my sister-in -law. I carefully collected all items fit my story, Candy can, paper crane origami, cicada,feather shuttle are my childhood memories.

Trish Yates (Australia) Ancient Calm 1 (24.0 x 29.0 cm)

Mokuhanga- woodblock with water based pigments and mica – Rock formation. trish

Wang Ziwen (Japan) Light of Time (35.0 x 27.5 cm)

Kouzo washi – Three different angles of the clock scale are crossed and the intersecting lines are extracted and combined to form a new scale. The light of time is carved through woodblock prints.

Mania Zyzak (Poland) Yuki in lilies of the valley (18.5 x 8.0 cm)

Mokuhanga, Paper Hakuho Select Awagami Factory – Yuki (snow) is the name of my friend’s hedgehog who died. Inspired by reading “”100 whites”” by Kenya Hara, I made a graphic about the whiteness of the skull, the cyclical nature of life and hope. Yuki in lilies of the valley was entirely created at the annual Mokuhanga workshops in Masuria, Poland.