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Program / プログラム

Program Schedule:

April 4 to 6, 2024 Imadate Art Center and Echizen Washi Village

The Fifth International Mokuhanga Conference will be held in Echizen City, home of an ancient Shinto shrine dedicated to the goddess of papermaking. The province of Echizen is renowned for its production of Japanese washi and other traditional crafts.

This conference will focus on Japanese traditional papermaking and the innovative use of handmade washi by contemporary mokuhanga artists. Artists and papermakers will come together for demonstrations and workshops by expert craftspeople, along with an open portfolio session and a product showcase. Workshops will include papermaking, paper sizing, and test printing on Echizen paper.

This will be an excellent opportunity to appreciate the wide variety of Japanese papers and to learn about the history of papermaking in Japan. International mokuhanga artists will be invited to submit work for a juried exhibition of small works. The conference will be followed by an optional bus tour to Nara, with visits to traditional sumi ink workshops and museums.

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2024年4月4日~6日 いまだて芸術会館、越前和紙の里






Tokyo to Echizen Train Schedule / 東京から越前までの列車の時刻表

Hapi-Line Train Schedule from Tsuruga Station to Echizen-Takefu Station
ハピライン 敦賀駅から越前武生駅までの時刻表