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IMC Conference History / 国際木版画会議の歴史

Mokuhanga is the Japanese word for the waterbased woodblock printing technique developed during the Edo period. Moku means wood and hanga can be translated as printing. This technique has gained recognition as a flexible and non-toxic method of printmaking for contemporary creative artists. While many international artists now use this technique, it is still difficult to find tools, materials, markets, textbooks and research opportunities related to mokuhanga.

The triennial International Mokuhanga Conference was established to address these needs by bringing together printmakers, academicians, researchers and materials/tool makers. The Conference offers a forum for international discussion, and a way for people from different disciplines and different countries to share ideas about this exciting technique, rooted in history, but evolving in new directions that reflect the ideas of contemporary artists.

The inaugural conference, IMC2011, was held in Kyoto, Japan, with satellite events held at nearby Awaji Island.

The second conference, IMC2014, was held in Tokyo, Japan, and hosted by Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai) with satellite events taking place at 3331 Arts Chiyoda.

The third conference, IMC2017, was the first to be held outside Japan, in Hawaii, USA. It was hosted by the Donkey Mill Art Center, home of Holualoa Foundation for Arts & Culture. The main conference was held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, in Honolulu on Oahu. Satellite events took place at Donkey Mill Art Center on the island of Hawaii.

The fourth Conference, IMC2021, took place in Nara, Japan, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Japan was closed to visitors during the pandemic, so only those already living in Japan were able to participate in person. Demonstrations, paper presentations and discussions primarily took place via ZOOM and on-line with participants tuning in all over the world.


3 年に一度開催される国際木版画会議は、版画家、学者、研究者、材料/道具メーカーが一堂に会することで、こうしたニーズに応えるために設立されました。この会議は、歴史に根ざしながらも現代アーティストのアイディアを反映しつつ、新たな方向に進化しているこのエキサイティングな技法について、国際的な議論の場と、さまざまな分野や国の人々がアイデアを共有する方法を提供します。

第1回である IMC2011 は京都で開催され、サテライト・イベントが淡路島で開催されました。

第2 回の IMC2014 は、東京芸術大学の主催により東京で開催され、サテライト・イベントがアーツ千代田 3331 で開催されました。


第4回の IMC2021 は、新型コロナウイルス感染症によるパンデミックの最中に、奈良で開催されました。パンデミックの間、日本は外国人の入国が禁止されていたため、日本在住者だけがリアルで参加することができました。デモンストレーション、論旨発表、ディスカッションは主に ZOOM を用いてオンラインで行われ、世界中の木版画家が参加しました。