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Workshops / ワークショップ

Workshops in papermaking, sizing paper, and test-printing a variety of papers have been scheduled. All necessary tools and supplies will be provided. You can signup for these on our SHOP page.

紙漉き、ドーサ引き、さまざまな和紙の試摺りなどのワークショップが予定されています。 必要な道具と材料はすべて提供されます。 ショップページからご登録いただけます。

Papermaking / 紙漉き

Two craftspeople who work in Echizen with the official title of Traditional Craftsman and are certified by the Japanese government will teach the papermaking workshops.


Hitomi Yamada – Yamada Seishijo

Hitomi Yamada

Yamada Seishijo is a Japanese handmade paper manufacturer with a history of over 120 years. The company manufactures all types of kozo paper, thin kozo paper, printing paper, sake labels, stationery, envelopes, etc., according to customers’ requests. Hitomi Yamada is the eldest of three sisters and the fourth head of the family business.

The paper mill has been my playground since I was born. It all started when I helped out my family business while I was working for a cram school after I gave up the job which I wanted and got married. At first, I helped my husband with his work. Then as my mother got older, I began to focus on paper making, which I have continued until today. Now, instead of my father, I do most of the jobs in the production process by myself: preparing the raw materials, making the paper, drying it, and finishing it. Though it is difficult, I find it rewarding and fun. The greatest joy is seeing the finished washi paper and making the customers happy with my work.

When I was young, I didn’t think I wanted to make paper, but now, I am happy to be able to make the washi I love as long as I’m healthy.

— Hitomi Yamada

山田ひとみ – 山田製紙所

120年以上前から続く手漉き和紙製造。楮紙 楮薄紙 版画用紙 酒ラベル 便箋 封筒などご要望に応じて製造。三人姉妹の長女で4代目。







— 山田ひとみ

Naho Murata – Udatsu Crafts Museum

Naho Murata
  • 1997 Worked for Umeda Washi Co., Ltd., studied under Taishi Umeda
  • 2015 Certified as an Echizen Washi Traditional Craftsman
  • 2016 Started working for Udatsu Crafts Museum of Echizen Washi Village
  • 2017 Became a regular member of Echizen Kizuki Torinoko Paper Preservation Society (Kizuki Torinoko paper is a National Important Intangible Cultural Property)

How is paper made by human hands? It’s been 27 years since I came from Kyoto to learn about the many techniques of Echizen washi production. I would like to pass on these skills to the next generation, having inherited the skills and aspirations of masters that have continued unbroken throughout history.

— Naho Murata

村田菜穂 – 卯立の工芸館

  • 1997年 梅田和紙株式会社 勤務、梅田太士に師事
  • 2015年 越前和紙伝統工芸士認定
  • 2016年 越前和紙の里 卯立の工芸館 勤務
  • 2017年 国の重要無形文化財 越前生漉鳥の子紙保存会 正会員


— 村田菜穂

Test-Printing / 試摺

Terry McKenna

Terry McKenna
Terry McKenna
  • 1995 Diploma of Visual Arts
  • 2001 Masters Degree of Fine Arts
  • 2011-2012 Mokuhanga study under Richard Steiner, Kyoto
  • 2012 Mokuhanga Teacher’s license granted, Teaching name: Touraku (刀楽)
  • 2018 Established Karuizawa Mokuhanga School

I am fortunate to live, create mokuhanga and teach in Japan, where I have received much inspiration from other artists and artisans. I also continually learn from my own practice, from teaching and from other mokuhanga artists’ work. I enjoy the fusion of craft and art that is making mokuhanga, working with beautiful materials, and hand-crafted tools to produce enriching and meaningful work.

I also enjoy the act of teaching, passing on what I have been fortunate to learn, and at the same time learning from my students.

— Terry McKenna


1995 大学卒業、ビジュアルアート専攻

2001 修士、ファインアート専攻

2011-2012 京都で木版画をリチャード・ステイナー(Richard Steiner)に師事

2012 木版画教師のライセンス取得、雅号は刀楽

2018 軽井沢木版画スクール設立



— テリー・マッケーナ


Chihiro Taki

Chihiro Taki is a Tokyo-based mokuhanga artist, originally from Shizuoka.

After graduating from the Oil Painting Faculty of Musashino Art University, majoring in printmaking, Taki took an M.A. degree from the same university with the same major in 2013. Then she independently studied the traditional techniques of water-based woodblock printing as well as Japanese bookbinding and mounting. She combines contemporary and traditional techniques in her work, and has developed her own unique approach to mokuhanga.

Taki has held several solo exhibitions in Japan and participated in international group exhibitions and art fairs in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Belgium. She has also taught workshops on water-based woodblock printing in Japan and internationally. Currently she is lead instructor for Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory (MI-LAB), Echizen.

Sizing with dosa is a technique used primarily to prevent color bleeding in paper. Even if paper has already been sized, it is sometimes advantageous to coat it further, depending on the degree of the treatment and the artist’s production method. Doing this will increase the strength and stability of the surface of Japanese paper. In such cases, we often apply a weak sizing. Sizing is a very effective technique that increases the number of options for using paper in art works. In this workshop, Taki will explain how to make dosa liquid sizing and demonstrate how to make and apply it on Echizen washi.